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Thursday, November 11, 2010

RIP my trustworthy Compaq

My first post from my new, shiny, bigger Toshiba Satellite laptop that I just unboxed an hour ago. My 5 year old, and until now, very trusty laptop died on me last night. Dragging it into a couple shops this AM determined that the hard drive had died and perhaps taken all my data with it. Argh!

I finally had 1 tech advise me to buy a replacement hard drive and a external box to put my old drive in to try to keep the old machine alive and to recover my old data. So- I tried that and I couldn't get Windows reinstalled and got stymied.

And I went out and bought a new machine... It's pretty and modern and I managed to get connected to my wi-fi the first time. It also takes up much more kitty napping space on my lap and she does not approve of that but the fan exhaust is blowing warm on her so the intrusion is being tolerated.

Next thing is to try and recover my very important data!

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